Based on the following perspective: "the economy as an entity that moves on its own, is resilient to political thinking, and rejects doctrine"; Going deeper: The way human survival has been carried out thanks to the ability of being social. Adapting to the environment with the ability to create "tribal spiderwebs" that communicate through different languages and forms of artistic expression, networks of preservation are created.

With the capacity for information storage increasing exponentially, as its own entity capable of recreating intelligence through what we are perceiving as Artificial Intelligence, the sociology of human beings begins to bring reflection to the forefront. Not only because it acquires a value of political and social character to see how we develop in relation to it, but also because of how we will give authenticity to what we do.

The storage of analogue information (with this we can think of: photography, musical recordings, production, visual art, illustrations, written essays, novels, interdisciplinary research among many other forms of human expression).

Our information and knowledge begin to acquire value. Now, to preserve its value, give perpetuity, greater validity, and security in its storage, it must be encrypted and stored in decentralized servers in this way, the authenticity and storage of the information are corroborated. The information acquires a value of tradability, generating a micro-economy as a consequence.

That is why I invite you to, prior to learning how to acquire lessons, transcriptions, exclusive music, masterclasses, scores, or any other audiovisual material or content, go through the following topics. This way, there will be a deeper understanding of how to delve into the content. Let's start by understanding what IPFS is, then what P2P is, and finally how the community will be created around knowledge..

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