As detailed in the COMMUNITY tab, here you can purchase the NFT that will give you access to the private Discord server where all educational content and community can be found. Connect your wallet (click here for a step by step on how to connect and buy a NFT) and choose the amount of NFTs you want to purchase.

Once you have purchased the NFT(s), head over to the Discord server. It is very important that you please read and accept the terms and conditions before making any payment. Once the payment is made, it is assumed that you have read and accepted them.With the purchase of the NFT pass, here's a summary of the materials you'll find on the Discord server:

1. Category of different channels for individual lessons that cover various topics. It contains files in PDF format, audios with backing tracks, and links to private videos ejemplifying each lesson. Study topics include music, composition, sight-reading, performance, audio production, working with DAW with Live, among many other concepts.

2. Transcription category in Concert, Bb and Eb. Scores of transcriptions with video and reinforcement material are shared.

3. E-book category. Here, all the material (backing tracks and video links) developed in the ebooks and the ebooks in PDF format are shared.

4. Live masterclass category. A Live Streams channel where there will be a pedagogical process with the members of the community. Tasks are developed covering the concept seen in the masterclass.

5. Category for all members of the community to ask and answer questions (there are different channels, both chat and audio).

6. Category for sharing collections from other members of the community with access to other private servers with relevant content. Also sharing music, projects, interdisciplinary work, and research related to knowledge.

7. Music category: Here you can download all the original scores and arrangements of compositions authored by me, as well as original scores and arrangements not published in record works.

8. Category for free lessons. This category contains free lessons for members both inside and outside the community.

9. Category for welcome messages and tutorials on access and relevant information.

10. Over time, more related categories may be added.


At the moment, the collection "MIC: A Multiverse of Interdisciplinary Concepts" is available for sale as a direct access pass to the Discord server. Eventually, in the same server, there will be more collections available for sale in the welcome section. It will also be possible to enter with a collection that is available within the OpenSea profile. iT

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