Here you will find all the information, the different ways in which it will be shared, and what is intended to be forged in the community. Here's a summary of the materials you'll find on the Discord server:

  1. Category of different channels for individual lessons that cover various topics. It contains files in PDF format, backing tracks, and links to private videos covering each lesson. Study topics include music, composition, sight-reading, performance, audio production, working with DAWs and Live, among many other concepts.

  2. Transcription category in Concert, Bb and Eb. Scores of transcriptions with video and reinforcement material will be shared.

  3. E-book category. Here, all the material (backing tracks and video links) developed in the ebooks and the ebooks in PDF format are shared.

  4. Live masterclass category. A Live Stream channel where there will be a pedagogical process with the members of the community. Tasks are developed covering the concept seen in the masterclass.

  5. Category for all members of the community to ask and answer questions (there are different channels, both chat and audio).

  6. Category for sharing collections from other members of the community with access to other private servers with relevant content. Also sharing music, projects, interdisciplinary work, and research related to knowledge.

  7. Music category: Here you can download all the original scores and arrangements of compositions authored by me, as well as original scores and arrangements not published in record works.

  8. Category for free lessons. This category contains free lessons for members both inside and outside the community.

  9. Category for welcome messages and tutorials on access and relevant information.

  10. Over time, more related categories may be added.

Creation of a series of collections, each of which will contain a limited number of graphic pieces, these NFT´S pieces will serve as an entry key to a private Discord server.

All the collections created by me, which can be found at the address of my wallet:0xfb69484bA978B2d3a18Ec972AC2167c318B3AaD7 or simply juandarango.eth,

The pieces can be acquired on OpenSea or preferably directly through this website on the store.

By acquiring a NFT, you will have access to all the content that I have developed over the years on a Discord server. The average of lessons in spanish and english is 50%~.

  1. Guitar Study: Within it, I will offer all the courses, lessons, and audiovisual material that I have developed. In addition, there will be masterclasses and other things that arise among the community members to investigate.

  2. Music Study (composition, interpretation and production skills), a study group will be formed with assignments to be completed and checked in groups through private livestreams.

  3. Share basic technological knowledge. Basic notions of programming and animation with AI.

  4. Development of new community research material around different concepts.

  5. Eventually share knowledge about programs and uploading web pages on IPFS, as well as creating collections of NFTs, and also server configuration on Discord.

By creating different collections with a limited number of pieces (NFTs), they can become valuable in the market, as in addition to the functionality of providing access to a private server, they can be attractive to collectors. This means that the community gives the value. If you have acquired a piece, entered the community, absorbed a lot of knowledge, and then decide not to be there anymore, you can put that NFT up for sale at the price you want on any NFT marketplace such as OpenSea by connecting your wallet.

There is a transferability of value.

Even more interestingly, over time, collections of pieces from the community or colleagues can be added so that you have access to the server for a limited time, for example.

That is, NFTs from a colleague's collection can interact on the server for a month or x number of days, for example.

There are countless resources that can be offered over time.

The beauty is that networks of knowledge are created, and you can share with pieces from colleagues' collections, thus creating a micro-economy where the value is given by the people themselves.

As we delve further into the field of interdisciplinarity, knowledge begins to be conceived as a unity. Let us understand this as the transversality of technological and artistic resources for the preservation of knowledge as a human species.

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